Draw your visitor’s attention by separating information from the rest of the page using a panel. Convey meaning to this information by using colors implying danger, warning, success or info in a similar fashion as alerts.

I'm important

Be sure to read me, I might have important information for you.


Simply place the following shortcode on the page

{{< panel title="TITLE" style="STYLE" >}} [content] {{< /panel >}}



The style parameter is directly applied to the alert as a class in the format “border-{STYLE}". Bootstrap comes with a variety of styles that can be used with this:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • danger
  • warning
  • success
  • info
    Example: style="danger".


The title paramter defines the text shown as a title in the panel. It will have the same color as the style.
Example: title="I’m important".

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