The doublecode shortcode works the same as the code shortcode, but extends the functionality by also rendering the code in the page. This is useful for showing the code of HTML elements in your page.

Hi there

I'm inside a doublecode shortcode, that's why I look so fancy.

<div class="mydiv bg-primary shadow text-white p-3 m-4 border-primary">
	<p class="h4 title">Hi there</p>
	<p class="lead mb-0">I'm inside a doublecode shortcode, that's why I look so fancy.</p>


Simply place the following shortcode on the page

Code in the shortcode

{{< doublecode lang="LANG" >}} [your code] {{< /doublecode >}}

Code from a file

{{< doublecode lang="LANG" file="code/mycode.html" >}}



The lang parameter defines the language to be used for code highlighting. You can find a complete list of supported languages here.

Example: lang="html"


The file parameter allows you to define an external file that contains your code to be displayed. This is done by giving a path to that file, starting from the root directory of your site.
For example, a HTML file named ‘mycode.html’ you wish to link that is in the docs/code/ directory can be defined as follows: file="code/mycode.html".

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