Customize and tweak Ace using a number of configuration options.

Page ordering

By default, pages are sorted on the weight assigned to them in their frontmatter. This is set in config.toml, using orderSectionsby = “weight". Change this to "title" to sort pages alphabetically based on their title instead. Alternatively, do not assign a weight to any pages and it will also sort them alphabetically on their title.

Table of contents

By default, a table of contents (ToC) is generated for each page in the right side menu. This can be disabled using:

toc = false

in the config.toml or the frontmatter (a page’s markdown file) for a page-wide or page-specific disabling of the ToC respectively.

Google Analytics

Enable Google Analytics by adding your GA tracking ID to the config.toml file, at:

googleAnalytics = "XX-XXXXXXXXX-X"

Where XX-XXXXXXXXX-X is your tracking ID.

Read more navigation

In config.toml or a page’s frontmatter, set disableReadmoreNav = true to disable the prev/next buttons at the buttom of every page.

Disable search by setting disableSearch = true in config.toml.

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