The button shortcode allows you to add a button to the page. This button is a HTML anchor element and can thus be used to link to another page or website.

Button Button Button Button Button Button Button


Place the following shortcode on the page

{{< button style="STYLE" link="https://yourwebsite.com" >}} [content] {{< /button >}}



The style parameter is directly applied to the alert as a class in the format “btn-{STYLE}". Bootstrap comes with a variety of styles that can be used with this:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • danger
  • warning
  • success
  • info

Each style can also be presented as an ‘outline’ variant by prefixing the style with ‘outline-'.
Example: style="outline-primary".

The link parameter may consist of an URL leading to a page or other website. Simply use it by defining a URL for the button to link to.
Example: link="https://google.com".

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