Identity includes a wide variety of components and icons.


Identity is based on Bootstrap 4, so you can use your existing Bootstrap 4 code and knowledge and their documentation. For more information visit the Bootstrap 4 documentation.

Feather icons

Icons are a powerful way of conveying meaning to your users. Therefore, Identity includes beautiful icons, powered by Feather. You can find a list of all icons here: Feather icon list.

Include them in your HTML as follows:

<i data-feather="arrow-right"></i>


The animated text typing effect is powered by typed.js. You can use the following HTML code to define the target element where the text should be typed in, along with a series of strings to be typed.

<span id="typed"></span>
<div id="typed-strings">

Initialize the element using the following JavaScript code:

var typedoptions = {
  stringsElement: '#typed-strings',
  typeSpeed: 60,
  backSpeed: 20,
  backDelay: 3000,
  startDelay: 0,
  loop: true

if ($('#typed').length) { var typed = new Typed('#typed', typedoptions); }

and adjust the variables to your liking.


The illustrations are from You can find more awesome illustrations there and use them in this template.