Exodus landing page documentation

Exodus is a landing page built with Bootstrap 4. It sparks your visitor’s interest by means of a mysterious and unconventional animated background. Powered by GulpJS, you can easily modify Bootstrap’s source code and variables with SASS. Or simply take the existing style and change the content to your needs. It’s all up to you.



An animated background, powered by fss.js, offers an unconventional experience to impress your users from the moment they visit your site.

Built with Bootstrap.

Built with Bootstrap 4. Fully responsive out of the box. Build and style page elements using Bootstrap.

Highly customizable.

A clean look to keep your user's attention to the content that matters: your documentation.


Process SASS and Javascript automatically with GulpJS. Compiled and minified, ready to be served to your visitors.

Prebuilt sections.

An impressive hero section, along with styleful about, project and contact sections, offer you a site ready to go live in minutes.


Packed with Feather icons. Empower your content with a shit ton of awesome icons.

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